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Protesters march in Chicago on Independence Day

CHICAGO – Many protesters gathered across Chicago Saturday to demonstrate on Independence Day.

A large protest started at 35th and Michigan and marched miles to Federal Plaza.

“Ain’t no power like the power of the people,” a protester said. “Cause the power of the people wont stop.”

Hundreds marched to protest police brutality and more. They said we still have a long wat to go to embody the spirit of what America is supposed to represent, a melting pot of cultures.

“Black and brown people are being discriminated against by virtue of their zip code,” a protester said.

Various organizations are also asking that parts of Lakeshore Drive be renamed after Chicago’s founder Jean Baptiste Point DuSable. A Black man they feel has been overlooked.

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Africa Global Chamber of Commerce (AGCC) condemns the “murder” of an unarmed black man George Floyd and call for ending police brutality and racial inequities

Chicago, Illinois – (Saturday, June 06, 2020) – Africa Global Chamber of Commerce (AGC) leadership and staff present sincere heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of R.I.P George Floyd. We are shocked and troubled by the widespread acts of racist attacks and murders committed against all Black people. A white police officer surrounded by his three colleagues took the life of George Floyd, an unarmed black man in 9 minutes of “I CAN’T BREATHE.” Communities, not just Black, are outraged, fatigued, perplexed, exasperated, and yes, TIRED of being “sick and tired” over police officers (whites specifically) murdering Black people in broad daylight with impunity. All communities call justice for George Floyd and demand the United States Society to end POLICE BRUTALITY and the RACIAL INEQUITIES: economic fairness, economic justice, economic inclusion, social justice, and all forms of racism.

Olivier Kamanzi, Chairman of Boards AGCC and African Diaspora Sixth Region Association of Illinois, says: “I call more justice for George Floyd and all Black people, his savage murder by the white police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota demonstrates that the historical racial injustice and white supremacist behaviors are still real and prevailing in America. How many blacks more must be murdered for America to wake up and stop racial injustice and racism that most of the time lead to incarceration and murder of innocent blacks? Yesterday, it was Ahmaud Arbery, Tamir Rice, Kevin Matthews, Keith Childress, Amadou Diallo, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Laquan McDonald, and today is George Floyd. Who is next? Are we going to wait for other victims? The response is NO. Police Officers must protect people and not murder them. America needs economic and social CHANGE: implementation of new policies and constitution that protect and empower all Blacks and People of Colors”.

“We need to leverage this tragic incident to galvanize the support needed to implement long lasting legal reforms that can end systemic racism. I hope that our youth will not lose focus after a few weeks and that they will continue to push for change”, said, Tammie Krauskopf, Member of Board AGCC and Trade Lawyer 

“In times like this we have to ask ourselves what kind of world we want to live in? A world where we allow the atrocities committed by authority to be ignored and excused or a world where we strive to embody the principles on which our country was founded – true equality for all? It will never be perfect but if we commit to standing up for what is right, to not remain silent, we can create a world in which our children can prosper … a world where all children regardless of race, sex or religion can prosper…  a world of which we can be proud”, stressed, Amber Johns, Vice-Chair of Board AGCC and International Corporate and Compliance Attorney.

Demitrus Evans, Secretary of Board AGCC, International Business Lawyer, and Founder of The TEEP Project for the innocently incarcerated, says, “The murder of Mr. Floyd and other black men and women at the hands of racist police is just a reminder of the relics of slavery for me. For 400 years, slave ships sailed with black people dying in mass and considered products. Mistreatment is an understatement for what black people all over the globe (and probably in space if it’s figured out) have had to and continues to endure at the hands of an oppressive system. No, it’s not any of the particular cops or police forces and other outlandish forces responsible for the current black plight. They have watched us kill each other, and they are not convinced that Black Lives Matter. It’s the current system this at fault, a system where everyone has learned how to treat black people with mistrust. We have even learned not to trust each other or ourselves. The Youth at this point in history has it correct, the Black Lives Matter platform is well thought out, and it begins with a defund and dismantle of the current police tactics, full training, and complete accountability. The sleep must awake. We must all speak out for change. Movements like this are relatively rare, but so is a pandemic. I’m ready for our revolution! Let the change begin..”

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About Africa Global Chamber of Commerce (AGCC) Africa Global Chamber of Commerce (AGCC) is a Chicago-based tax-exempt not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote trade, investment, educational exposures, and cultural exchanges globally for Africa’s economic interest and its partners starting from the United States of America. Locally, AGCC strives to serve businesses and professionals seeking business opportunities, while also, facilitating mutual commerce between US and Africa.

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Transitioning through Partnership

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Africa Speakers Series

AGCC is cordially inviting all members to their Monthly Business Networking Forum Featuring Investing Opportunities in Ghana.

Speaker: Right Hon. Josep Osei-Owusu

Date : DecemOctober 15, 2019

Venue : The Chicago Association of Realtors – 430 N. Michigan Ave #800, Chicago, IL 60611

Time : 10AM – 12Noon


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Annual Holiday Dinner

AGCC is cordially inviting all members to their Annual Holida Fundraising Dinner.

Date : December 5, 2018

Venue : Yassa Restaurant

Time : 6:30pm – 9pm

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The US-Africa Youth Entrepreneurship Summit (USAYES) is a 21st Century high-level powered entrepreneurship and innovation conference and exhibition annual prestigious and business networking platform designed to promote and facilitate connections between US and African Youth through trade and investment mainly in the areas of technology, agribusiness, and tourism. This Summit provides a platform for Youth Entrepreneurs both in US and Africa to share their respective entrepreneurship and innovative experiences thus allowing them to access into new US and African markets of products and services. The US Entrepreneurs will access to African huge market of 1.2 billion people, agricultural, natural resources, and human capital. African Entrepreneurs will access to the United States high technologies, capital, expertise, and mentorship. The Summit projects an attendance of over 1,000 participants from all US 50 States and 40 African Nations including Government delegations, Young US and African Leaders and Entrepreneurs, US Investors, Business Leaders, Technology Companies, Agricultural Companies, Energy Companies, Construction Companies, Tourism Companies, medias, Trade and Investment Promotion Agencies from more than 50 Countries. The summit will be held for two days of networking, exhibitions, mentorship, access to investors, match-making, market knowledge sharing, B2B, B2C, G2G meetings, and marketing.

The 2018 USAYES program will take place on July 12 – 13, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois under the theme “Empowering Youth, Promoting Investment in Technology, Agribusiness, and Tourism” and “The Future of US and African Economic Sustainable Development”. USAYES provides a platform to US and African Youth Entrepreneurs to access respective US and African markets through a one-stop centre, connect US Investors to African Young Entrepreneurs, US Export to African Markets, African Export to US Markets, Access to capital, Access to US Technologies, Access to various African products, etc. This Summit covers US – African 10 key strategic economic sectors that include Technology, Agribusiness, Tourism, Power, Construction, Education, Healthcare, Finance, Transportation, and Retail. The summit will have participation of over 100 speakers, over 200 exhibitors, and over 300 US Investors. 

The summit organizes bankable projects to investors Sessions, deal marketplace, exhibition and International pavilions, Workshop networking sessions, Technology Workshop Sessions, Agribusiness Workshop Sessions, Tourism Workshop Sessions, Country &  Sector Presentations, Roundtables, Investor’s Zone, Trade Expert Zone, Ministerial Roundtable, Awards Ceremony, and Red Carpet Service is provided. International & Country Pavilions USAYES 2018 showcasing companies, Trade and Investment Promotions Agencies, International Development Organisations (IDOs) from US, Africa, and International Organizations.

USAYES 2018 is organized by Africa Global Chamber of Commerce (AGCC) in collaboration with New York Business Consultants Academy, Rainbow Push Coalition, South Africa Ministry of Tourism, National Youth Development Agency of South Africa, South Africa General Consulate of Chicago, Embassy of the Republic of Niger, Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo to US, Embassy of Cote d’Ivoire to US, Egypt General Consulate of the Republic of Egypt, WGHC 98.3FM Radio, WVON 1690AM Radio, ABC 7 TV, SCORE Chicago, ACCION Chicago, 1877  Hub for Technology and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Northwestern University, DePaul University, University of Chicago, Google, Microsoft, Apple, MallforAfrica, The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Hub, Global Solutions Outreach, Incorporated (GSOI), Loop Capital, Ariel Investment, Africa Trade & Investment Global Summit (ATIGS), US Small Business Administration, State of Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, Greater Southwest Development Corporation, Habona, Ltd, Globrock Financial Group, Cemeko Group, African Infrastructure Development Partnership (AFIDEP), Asoko Insight, Tropic Business Summit, and more.

Detailed information including registration is available on a dynamic and friendly website

For any questions, sponsorship, speaking engagement, exhibition opportunities, and advertising, feel free to contact

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Africa Global Chamber of Commerce (AGCC) Partners with the Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit

Chicago, Illinois, November 3, 2017 — Africa Global Chamber of Commerce (AGCC) announces a partnership with the Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit (ATIGS) and furthers the event’s mission to promote and facilitate international trade and foreign direct investment in Africa. The 2018 ATIGS edition will gather 2000-plus key economic players from more than 70 countries including government delegations, high-profile African leaders, project developers and international investors on June 24, 25 and 26, 2018 in Washington, DC.

Designed to promote and facilitate international trade between Americas, Asia, Europe, United Arab Emirates and Africa, the 3-days event will provide a unique platform to gain strategic knowledge about local investment opportunities and business networking. Over 150 speakers, 160 exhibitors and 350-plus global investors and deal making will top the agenda at ATIGS 2018, covering 16 economic sectors particularly manufacturing, agribusiness, power, construction, transportation, IT, tourism, telecoms, and natural resources sectors. High-potential projects in Africa will be presented to international investors. Featured agenda items will include projects showcase, deal marketplace, exhibition, country presentations, and among others.

ATIGS consists of 13 specific events including bilateral events, US-Africa Manufacturing Forum, UAE-Africa Business Forum, Africa-China Economic Forum, EU-Africa International Business Congress, and more under the umbrella of World Business Week on Africa, strategically positioned between the 27th World Gas Conference with over 12,000 delegates, and the 2018. Select USA Investment Summit – with over 1,200 global business investors, given ATIGS delegates more opportunity in June 2018.


Interested companies are invited to register to attend or exhibit, and receive regular information via the following website or contact


About Africa Global Chamber of Commerce – AGCC
Africa Global Chamber of Commerce (AGCC) is a Chicago-based not-for-profit corporation with a mission to promote trade, investment, educational exposures, and cultural exchanges globally for Africa’s economic interest and its partners starting from the United States of America. Locally, AGCC strives to serve businesses and professionals seeking business opportunities, while also, facilitating mutual commerce between US and Africa.


Prominent African and international business executives and investors to explore business opportunities at the Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit (ATIGS); a prestigious biennial conference and exhibition to be held on June 24-26, 2018 in Washington, DC, USA under the theme “Driving Trade, Unleashing Investment and Enhancing Economic Development” aligned with two of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 17 & SDG 8), and designed to contribute to AGOA, Trade Africa, World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA), SDGs Agenda 2030 and AU Agenda 2063.


AGCC Media Contact]

Alain Tchegnon

Communication and Media Director


ATIGS Media & Business Development Contact:

Melissa Brown, Media Relations, Global Attain Advancement |

Ceci Guevara, Chief Marketing Officer | +1 (512) 944-2710 |